Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Permission to create!

I gained permission to enter the lab!!!

I am permitted into the lab but noramlly it is to make items in which the recipe is either straightforward or scripted so there is no margin for error.

This time - was different.  I went over to make some more "Strangford Stones" but came out with my first three bars of soap totally unauthorised by Carla.

My first was a relatively simple soap - gorgeous but not very challenging.  Perfect to wet my thirst for more.  It was a bath toy in a little blue pond of soap.  I was so enchanted by my innate soap-making ability that I decided to make 6!

Second soap actually came out of soap that Carla didn't feel she could use.  Tempted to throw it out (an absolute sin in our house as we can use anything) Carla said I had permission to use it.  This soap was initially made out of some Calla Lilly Soaps, some soap base and a strawberry paper soap that she had yet decided what to do with.  The result was this.  I impressed myself.  I should add it wasn't quite what I had in mind.  It was supposed to look like a pink ribbon running through the soap which I had planned to sell in aid of a cancer charity we were supporting.  First attempt didn't go so well but I think this is a mighty fine rescue!

Third soap to make it to the finishing line came from a desire to use some new molds I had ordered from Canada.  As Carla is an artist at heart I think these molds may limit her creativity.  Interestingly they provide me with a creative pallet from which to work.  Looking at the molds we had in offer I decided to try making a Tulip.  It involves making the core tulip and stem first followed by pouring in the base soap and the top layer.  Temperatures, timing as well as the usual issue with air bubbles, fragrances and colours do make it a difficult bar to master.  After an initial disaster at step one of the tulip I surprised myself in making a bar we could be proud to sell.  Actually, all three soaps all worthy of retail.

It is decided then.  I am a creative genius!  (in the making) NOT!


  1. Hi Garreth & Carla. Just found this blog from Craftfest.
    So far, I seem to love everything, inc this blog.

  2. Lu,

    We are slowly but surely getting there!

    Thanks. looking forward to Craftfest.