Tuesday, 24 July 2012


As products creation goes we have lots of ideas and the challenge of bring them to life but we can't forget some important things:

The nature of our product and the presentation of our product.

We make cute soaps but they are still glycerin soaps which means that depending of the glycerin base we are using they might draw moisture from the air and literally get "soaked" or (in our business popular description) sweat!

Thinking about it we decided that a shrink wrapper would work very well for our soaps not just to protect them until they reach they final destination - someone else's bathroom - but also to help with time saving and prevent some very sore fingers. Thanks to family kindness and their faith that this business can work we had some investment coming in our direction to buy the equipment.

Here are a few photos showing our new wrapping system which guarantees that nobody else will touch your soap bar (except you!) from the moment we wrap it at the LAB to the moment you take home and open it. No strange fingers, no other things around your precious bar...just your hands and your skin!
Here some photos of the process:

BUT the challenge with the shrink wrap is to make some other more "delicate" soaps keep their great look after wrapping them.  We can't get that with the new system on products such as:
Apples, Kiwis, Plums Tangerines and other special soaps.

We tried putting some inside wooden boxes to be used as special gifts.  We even shrinkwrapped the boxes to protect the soap but we still have some negative feedback about the attractiveness of our packaging!!

Please, if someone out there has an brilliant idea...contact us and in return we might send you a soap for sharing your creative brain with us...all suggestions are welcome!

In the interim - after hours of looking at hessian bags, cotton pouches, wooden crate, cardboard boxes, waxed paper and many other thins - this is our solution.

We present to you:  Our Fruit soaps.

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