Monday, 30 July 2012

Scented or unScented soap?

I think we have to agree that God was very generous when shared with us the gift of creativity.
As I go creating some of our products I'm inspired by his own art work and get so passionate by them. Take as an example the dried flowers, nuts, spices and other incredible ingredients we are adding to the soaps that not only give the natural, rustic and beautiful look to the soap and cosmetics but also pour goodness to the skin ...just overwhelming!

I have to confess that every time I add a new raw material to the soaps a new world open just in front of me: smells, colors and beautiful.
I made a little cupcake using some glycerin left over and added a little bit of Chamomile flowers on top of goodness...the dried flowers changed completely the scent of the soap...that little experience encouraged me to make some scent and color FREE soaps which will be indicated to people with very sensitive skin and can't tolerate fragrance or coloring in a product.
My first one was an Exfoliating mini loaf bar made with finally grated star anise and the end result was a gorgeous liquorice smell in a soap that people can slice at their heart content or share with guests and friends. I also added in this soap some Vitamin E Oil to help with skin healing.

Then I made a very moisturising and healing soap (which I'm using now!) with Powdered Vanilla pod and Shea butter. I mixed it all into a base with Goat's milk powder...owwwww... That's a very creamy and delightful soap.
The Vanilla make it looks so beautiful and if your sense of smell is very sharp you will be able to get some faint scent of vanilla. The Shea butter moisturise, protects and heals the skin and Goat's milk has acids which acts as a natural AHA, exfoliating dead skin cells and balancing the pH of the new, healthy skin underneath.
These little loaves are great to share with friend, slice and give as gifts or keep all for your self...they are that good!
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