Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So what exactly goes into a craft fair?

We did a craft fair in aid of a cancer charity at the weekend.  Generally we tend to avoid working on a Saturday but on the odd occasion we do accept an invitation.

This one seemed like something we would be keen to get involved in.

I must say though - craft fairs take work - lots of work and I can't truly say that it pays off.

One example of this is the set up...

We generally like to know the size of the table that we are going to be using.  It means we can then go about marking out the size of the table and rehearse a stalls appearance at home.

We then take a few photos, and upon arriving at the stall we can set up as we think best in a much shorter amount of time than arriving with a lot of stock and finding a place to put it.

This one was Carla's design.  And, as is usual in the crafty department.  She trumps me every time!

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