Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I have some people asking about who takes the photos of our products and HOW we do it and here is your answer...I do it! (Not the male half of the partnership as he shakes a lot and ruins our photos, including the ones of myself with our children hence why you can't find photos of our sons with their mother!).

The female half of Scent loves photos and usually walks around the house kidnapping items to add to the photo shoot and then get a spot in the LAB with the best light, choose the background (which can be scrapbook paper, a cardboard box covered in white paint, towels etc) and start to click...I might get 5 to 6 photos of the same product before I'm satisfied with the result and we use everything we can to add to the scene: raw materials, toys, my son, my children's personal objects etc
Unscented Cocoa Powder & Butter mini loaf

BUT the great secret is LIGHT!

Not artificial light but natural light as artificial light can reflect back from the product or objects around the products and "spoil" the natural and organic look of the image you are trying to capture. I totally avoid the use of flash when taking photos of my products which means that my rule is simple:

no good natural light no photos!

Get the right time of the day with the perfect light and your photos can look fantastic and I recommend you find a good place at your home or workshop where natural light is aplenty and watch the time of the day that you can get the best image. Take some photos at different times of the day and check the one that gives the best results.

I also find that sun light coming straight onto the products tends to over-expose the colors and make the soaps look deformed. It is important to move your product around to get the best of the natural light without the direct sun light on it.

I usually use bedside tables, chair, boxes and buckets as a "table" to set my scene and I think they are the best option if you need to move the product around in order to find the best "lighted" corner for your photos.

It is important to set up your background to match the theme of your product as best as you can and do not waste a second because time wasted is LIGHT wasted and here in Northern Ireland it is very precious asset!