Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cola Creations

Cola Creations is my first featured seller in the run up to Craftfest on this blog.

I wanted to paste a photo but was struggling - even better I managed to get a hold of a slideshow instead.

Personally I have a particular soft spot for the clothes pegs.  I seem to spend far too much of my day washing clothes and nappies. hanging them to dry has to be one of my personal pet-hates.  Especially when I'm consistently told that I don't hang them properly.

Girls - please take note.  At least I am doing it!!!!!  

Still, don't ever ask me to put the clothes back into their proper place that is the number 1 pet-hate, closely followed by ironing - which, I am told, I would have to do much less if I hung the clothes properly in the first place!

All I can say is that I might take a little more time to hang clothes properly if I had something nice to look at while doing so.

Cola Creations, I thank you! I now have some inspiration.

You can find out lots more fantastic crafts (including our own) at Craftfest - see the link to the right or below the slide show.