Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cola Creations

Cola Creations is my first featured seller in the run up to Craftfest on this blog.

I wanted to paste a photo but was struggling - even better I managed to get a hold of a slideshow instead.

Personally I have a particular soft spot for the clothes pegs.  I seem to spend far too much of my day washing clothes and nappies. hanging them to dry has to be one of my personal pet-hates.  Especially when I'm consistently told that I don't hang them properly.

Girls - please take note.  At least I am doing it!!!!!  

Still, don't ever ask me to put the clothes back into their proper place that is the number 1 pet-hate, closely followed by ironing - which, I am told, I would have to do much less if I hung the clothes properly in the first place!

All I can say is that I might take a little more time to hang clothes properly if I had something nice to look at while doing so.

Cola Creations, I thank you! I now have some inspiration.

You can find out lots more fantastic crafts (including our own) at Craftfest - see the link to the right or below the slide show.


  1. Typical bloke. Always has to make an announcement when he's done a bit of housework...other than that, great post Garreth

    1. Ah but lu... I not only do a bit of house work - I am the house-husband who even makes the cleaning products!!! that's on top of the cooking, childcare, soap-making, consultancy and all round miracle-working boss that I am! So HA!

      My newly inspired post with photos of my cleaning stuff is now on its way. I'll tag you in it and teach you one mighty fine lesson!!!

      Or... You just won't care! Thanks for making me chuckle!

  2. LOL - I would normally agree with you Lu, but I really ought to be thanking Garreth for featuring me in the Blog rather than berate him :)

    So thank you Garreth and Carla - I am so pleased I am a) one of your featured sellers and b) have supplied some inspiration of what else you can do with clothes pegs!!

  3. Brilliant blog Garreth and Carla. Really made me smile.

    1. Joy. Thanks, I think you are now up and running here as well.

      I'll have to work on some more stories!