Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Starting up full-time as a business with no capital can be a long and lonely road as you sacrifice loads of things all in the name of building your own little creative empire.

It takes time and hard work to build up sales, a following and an income to sustain the little ones... but every once in a while in the midst of the long initial stages you get moments of sheer joy and excitement.

One of those days came today.  In a bid to promote our work we decided to join in at Craftfest for September.  A group of people working together to promote each others work for a week in September here in the UK.  I promote their work and they promote mine - all links post to my etsy shop.

Well, today I found out that our products got featured on their cover page.  Not just one item - but the entire cover page for their facebook. 

I'm over the moon.  It equals being featured on the father's day feature.

Had to share!  I'm so chuffed that Carla's work is loved by fellow crafters.  here is the link if you would like to get involved in Craftfest and to our little cover page.


I'll post more info about Craftfest in the weeks to come - for the mean-time I am still trying to find my feet.

A delighted Garreth.

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  1. Funnily enough, I pinned quite a few of your lovely soaps to several of my Pinterest Boards the other day - they just managed to fit so many different categories - and today I'm pinning this to Craftfest Blogs.

    1. Thank you lu.

      I can't say that I'm quite up to speed on pinterest but hopefully I will get it all by September. Can't quite believe how much time you are all able to give to Craftfest and promotion voluntarily. I mean I'm used to volunteering and community work but my goodness... we are diving into the deep end!