Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Who is behind this thing called craftfest?

So who exactly is behind this little festival called Craftfest?

Anna is the name of the person with whom the buck seems to stop with - and its not just for Craftfest.  This woman seems to single-handedly attempt to rule the the Crafter's World.  All of this in the name of raising respect and worth to those able and gifted in the arts.

The UK has a fabulous history with art, fashion and hobbies - but truth be told it lost its way many years ago to the likes of America, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.  For some it was the pioneering spirit that meant craft became a haven - for others it was a way to while away the day as the servants did the work.

In the UK - it came fowl of the Mother's Union!

Now I am a big fan of the Mother's Union - but their generosity, love and charitable spirit meant craft was effectively free.  It became downgraded as a fundraising mechanism and not as something that had intrinsic value or sentiment.

Anna has sought to change this.

She is the :

Editor of Creative Crafting Magazine http://www.creative-crafting.com
Founder of Creative Connections http://www.creative-connections.ning.com
Founder of The Professional Crafters Guild http://www.procraftersguild.com
Chief Organiser of CRAFTfest http://www.craftfest-events.com
Creator of Healing Gemstone Jewellery at Mystic Earth http://www.mysticearth.co.uk

She is also a mother of two (three if the husband is included)!

And she makes these:

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

One might ask where she finds the time.  I suspect like the Lilac Team leader has suggested it comes pretty much from sleep deprivation.

Now I haven't as yet seen how Craftfest functions, nor how effective it can be... but I do like transformers.  People who seek to raise the bar a little, people who seek to bring a little bit of metamorphosis to those around them.  People who do not give up in their radical pursuit of being the change they want to see in the world.

I think Craftfest may have just found themselves victim to one such person!  So be prepared, be very prepared as you join the gang in September in the promotion of each others work.  If Anna's vision is anything to go by - it will be both an interesting and rewarding time!

The Second person to mention is Bead Bounty Sal

Sal runs a bead supply stall at Craftfest - but she is more than that.  She epitomizes the spirit of the event.  A group of people willing and able to work together to promote each others work.  A friendly, good-spirited crowd who want to establish an on-line community who function not only to market one another but encourage one another.  You see people like Sal pop in regularly for a little chat on the creative connections website, willing to lend a hand, offer advice or even join-in in some in-house jokes.  Sal is just one of many people to make the community aspect of the project so effective.  And there are others... Its just that I did promise this spot to her.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections