Monday, 20 August 2012

A family business!

Now, do you remember all that proudly breastfeeding mother thing?
Cuddling visit with Tobin
I have to say - breastfeeding can be as tiring as stopping it.
This week we have some very needy babies driving daddy mad while mother is soap making but I have to say it is a great blessing to be able to work and still breastfeed my baby and have time with my son and husband as we make our produce from our glass "lab" in the back of the garden. Now and again when all the work is finished and I need a little help tiding up I get some help from Eli or a visit for a cuddly time with Tobin. Then I have the love of my life calling me for lunch our coffee breaks.
And this makes my day!
painting with left overs
Mamãe, coffee is ready!

But family business involves more then just a couple and their children.

We are honestly thankful for the help of friends and family who are dedicating their talents, investiment and time to help us out with our enterprise.

Nana Sharon & Tobin
Jenny, Tobin & Wilma 

We have a gang of women whom we call "The girls" and they come to see us every week to help with the children, Ironing, cooking and lovely coffee with conversation around the table. They are the just some of the "other women" in Garreth's life -  his mother Sharon, aunt Wilma and Jenny.

Nigel and Eli having a serious talk
Nigel Smith has been also an amazing friend sharing his divine creativity and time to help us with design and great ideas. He took beautiful photos of our soaps, designed our logo and business cards and made a fun train track for our son out of a paper box (it count as business too: children happy, parents happy, business happy!). among other tings he does to help us (and they are many!) he also looks after the children when he has helpers around (Like Cameron and Kate!). Thanks, Nigel!
Robert with his boys at his 60th Birthday lunch

Robert Falls (our own Bob the Builder!)  doesn't just let us live in this beautiful place but also makes our moulds, cutters, displays and whatever else we ask (including delicious soup!).

Another hero in our family is Nicky Kells who brings joy, laugh, lots of play, coffee, wine and so much more to our lives. Nicky has been so amazing that Eli already set aside a towel in the bathroom for her so she understand she is part of our family.
Eli & Nicky baking together
The girl just loves the kids (and is a little bit found of the parents too!) and the Fallses just love this girl back!

This is quite a long post but we can't go on without saying a BIG THANK YOU to this wonderful people !
You are all "God's gifts" to our lives!