Monday, 20 August 2012

More Lilac Lovelies

So its time for some more lilac lovelies...

The team has grown somewhat since my first post.  I've since discovered another 18 people with stalls in the Lilac Team.  Thought it high time to start looking around to see what I might fancy.

A fellow stall holder from Ireland is the only proper place to start.  Siog Designs, I thought, made jewelry - but having just scouted out the stall I was most pleased to see the hats and bags that featured in the latter part of the stall.

Its the first big event for Mandy and I want to wish her all the best - It is also ours but we have had the privilege of a longer run-up!  Mandy, its over to you....

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Second stall today is that of Gill (Personal Space Interiors).  To be honest I am not sure how she missed out on my first blog as she was one of the first people I connected with in the run up to Craftfest.

Like the rest of the experts she has gone fore more than one stall.  There is the vintage stall and the "Home" stall.  I surprised myself but I've decided to feature her wonderful "home" stall.  I saw far too much that I fancied.

So Gill, Scentcosmetics "likes" you!....

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Finally for this post is Juliet Rogers

Tag'e'line is a small craft business creating colourful and playful unique baby and young children's blankets and accessories.

Juliet's aim is to create colourful, texturally interesting and beautiful tag-e blankets which babies and toddlers alike will enjoy playing with. If only Tobin was a few months younger!...
Frustrated by the predominantly pink, blue and neutral colour choice of clothes, toys and nursery items, Juliet tries to make products in a range of colour combinations - but she is not biased, she offers the standard colours too!

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For some of her stuff check out this album:

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