Monday, 20 August 2012

So Craftfest is rapidly approaching....

I signed up to this online craft stall in July thinking I had loads of time to get stuff ready, prepared, connect with other people on the stall and just generally get ready for the much anticipated September Craftfest.

How wrong was I?

There is much more than could possibly meet the eye.  Photo uploads, descriptions, featuring people in blogs, being featured, interviews, treasuries, connecting with people.  Even worse when you need to face doing it all again when, at the last minute you change your packaging and prices!

Its a big task, but it is even bigger for those who lead the teams!

To make the event manageable - those people who register for Craftfest are assigned teams.  To each team there is a team leader.

Let me re-introduce you to the Lilac Team Leader.  I've featured Lilac stalls before - but realised as I was looking at the list of people I wanted to feature that it is extremely easy to miss those ever so crucial team leaders.  We think of them as experts, people who know what they are doing and are indeed so well versed in the goings on of Craftfest that they need no further promotion.

Truth is, I have no idea how the team leaders do it.  Some of them, if not all, have a job, a family and are fellow crafters.  On top of this they add literally hundreds of hours registering new recruits, helping people out via on-line chat, e-mails, editing photos and promoting peoples' blogs. They are in my estimates "Superhuman".

Flick is one of those "Superhumans".  As if the above wasn't enough Flick has also registered three stalls for craftfest in Sept.  She has the Supplies shop and two craft shops.  She says it is achieved through sleeplessness - but still.

So Flick.  One post with the single aim of saluting you!

You are amazing!

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Oh and a little side note....  Big Congrats to Tania of Cola Creations - featured elsewhere in this blog.  She has just signed herself up for the next Craftfest in Nov.  Glutten for punishment!