Monday, 18 March 2013

The men are taking over.

Well it has finally happened....

The girls at Creative Connections have finally allowed a man into the innermost enchalons of that wonderful event known as 'Craftfest' and they have given me my own team!

Slightly weary of all that pink I was quickly bribed with the promise that I could name my own team and choose a colour of my choosing.  Well there is only one way to stand out amongst all that 'CRAFTfest" pink.  Black seemed much more masculine, sexy and discerning.  It is time to introduce you to the "G Team"!

And my first introduction goes to the great Lori - otherwise known as the 'Scarlet Wolf' from the Crystal Cavern.  She is a fantastic promoter, great team player and fabulous crafter.  This Fest she is offering two Stalls - one in jewellery and one in supplies  Here are some of her items.  You will also find Lori on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, Blogging and on Stumble.

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Next to bring out the bling is "The Very Small Company" which may need to change its name if it continues to grow from strength to strength!  Julie offers: "a small selection of my handmade gifts and jewellery. I try to cater for all budgets." Lots more lovelies on their website at The Very Small Company!"  You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Next up with some fabulous photography and gorgeous items is Makeaholic. Here you will find handmade jewellery, gifts and a whole host of goodies to feast your eyes on. Sarah Plummer can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Stumble  .  You can also get her on her own site: Here.

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Lori again with her Beads & Findings Shop.  A wholesale shop with a wonderful array of of things to choose from.  Links above.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

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  1. Gareth,

    You totally deserve to have your own team! Love this post ... you always have such a fun take on things.

    Good Luck for CRAFTfest!