Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Octonauts to the HQ... The boy has turned 4

If any of you were reading Carla's Raising Little Hero's blog last year then you will understand the great joy, enthusiasm and pride we both took in celebrating Eli's 4th Birthday and 18 months without hospital admittance and subsequent surgery.
Eli had a particularly difficult beginning to his little life and we never really got a chance to celebrate with friends and family in his first few years.

This year we realised he understood what having a birthday party was all about - and with a new interest in the "Octonauts" (which was a much celebrated shift away from cars and trains) we decided to throw our first ever children's party.

I say we decided, to be honest, this decision was made for us, as my sister-in-law, Luciana, who runs "Casa de Papel" in Brazil was so desperate to make invitations that she had also recruited my mother-in-law into making some masks that Carla and I had no choice but to invite some children to an event which had yet to be planned.

The result was an overwhelming success.  Eli' Got the chance to celebrate his 4th Birthday in style.  With invitations, masks, bunting and thank you cards having been sent over from Brazil we decided that nothing would do but to make our very own assault course.  Bring on the cardboard tunnels, ball pits, spider's webs, stepping stones and plank walks.

And credit to Carla for the sheer amount of work and dedication that went into all the catering.  The children were treated to some Croissant Crabs, Turtle Watermelon, Clam shell plates, Clam shell cookies and even sea themed sweets!

We also need to thank Victoria for one of the best Birthday Cakes I have ever had the pleasure of both looking at and tasting.  It was a phenomenal Octonauts Cake.  

I've also included some of the materials and equipment we used in order to make the party a success - including some of our very own Peso Penguin Soap Favors below.