Monday, 18 February 2013

One-to-One Workshops

This has been quite a month for workshops and last week was our penultimate one for the month of February.  A one-to-one session with Stephanie.

So just what does a one-to-one workshop entail for someone here in Cloughey?

Well, it just depends on what you are after - a half day course or a full day course.  It also depends on what your specific requirements are.  Perhaps you just want to make soap, or you have a skin condition and want to make something natural with organic oils.  Perhaps you want to make moulds or learn a specific soap-making technique.  What ever the requests we try and tailor to your needs.

And did we mention the food?


We had a great day with Stephanie and there was quite a bit of raving about a certain Carrot cake that you simply must try!

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