Sunday, 10 February 2013

Soap Partys for Children

ScENT have been organising Soap Parties for a while now but we were more than a little apprehensive when asked to facilitate a workshop for a group of 15 children aged 5.

Realising at an early stage that having a group of 15 girls around hot soap was not the best possible Health & Safety scenario we opted for something a little easier.

First up: Birthday Girl gets to help make a mini-loaf.  Every girl present gets to pick a penguin soap by way of putting a birthday hug into the bar and some lips with their very own birthday wishes for Anna.  Next up we colour the base, added the glitter and pour in the soap.  Hey presto!  One birthday soap.

Second task:  Bath Butter was an easy choice as no heat source is required.  That said, the climate meant mixing the bath butter was a little bit of a challenge for tiny hands on this occasion.  The children get to choose their own fragrances, glitter, colours etc and we have their butters put into an already labelled container for each child to take home with them.
Task No. 3:  Soap on a Rope.  Carla had made lots of novelty soaps before the event and provided a ribbon, and some beads to each child.  The girls then chose 5 soaps from the selection available and were invited to make their own soap on a rope/ribbon.  
All the items made were then placed in a gorgeous little Chinese takeaway box for some well earned cosmetic beautifying after a hard day's work.

Thank you so much to Anna for the invitation to go to her party to make soap and to Louise, her mum, for organising it and making it such a fabulous event.

Here is some of the feedback we received from Louise:

"My daughter has just had the most marvellous Princess Pamper Birthday Party with Carla. She had thirteen friends at her party. A mixture of four and five year old girls. The girls were each seated at their own Cosmetic Creation Station. From the outset Carla made every girl, especially the birthday girl feel special. Carla ensured that the Party Princess was centre stage and involved all of her friends in making her feel like a proper Princess!! The Birthday Girl had chosen to make Body Butter and Soap on a Rope from the Cosmetic Creation Menu.

Initially Carla demonstrated soap making. Carla's beautiful, soft, Brazilian accent captivated the girls and she involved each and every girl at every stage. She chatted with the girls about penguins and how they cuddle to keep warm and give each other  love. She then themed that with the friendship between all of the girls at the birthday party. Each girl then got to place a small penguin soap within the demonstration soap mixture being created. Then each girl added a set of soap lips to the mixture, signifying kisses for their friends. The Birthday Princess completed the soap mixture by adding glitter and her wishes. The soap was then set aside to set. It was later parcelled up and each girl was able to take a soap home for a memory of their special day!! Carla also provided such treasures not only for the Birthday Princess but her extended family too!!!

It was then on to the next stage of the feminine fun!! Body Butter!! Each girl mixed her own body butter base with her choice of brightly coloured lotion as well as beautifully scented oil. There was a huge range of eye-catching coloured lotions and beautiful fragrances to choose from. Glitter was the next addition to the mix. The entire process appealed so much to the girls. Making their own choices was taken so seriously and added to the fun.  However, it does have to be said the mixing and transferring of the body butter to its presentation jar was messy, so it definitely held the most appeal!!!

The girls then got involved with their Soap on a Rope projects! I had decided that these would form their party bags which would be a treat for them to complete at home. The girls firstly chose ribbon and beads for their Soap on a Rope. Then they agonised over choosing their soaps from Carla's huge selection of brightly coloured, creatively shaped and beautifully scented soaps to complete their home projects.

Carla's professionalism, talent, organisation, kindness, care, thoughtfulness, generosity and maternal streak made the event the success it was. The experience was perfect for all the girls, as well as for the adults. It was a total delight. Based on my first hand experience, as well as girls and parents feedback, I can not recommend highly enough Carla's parties for adults and/or children!"

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  1. Nice one garreth & Carla. Sounds like they had a lot of fun.
    One of my friends does batik (hot wax) with very little ones and so far no one maimed