Monday, 15 October 2012

Scrapbooking versus Soapmaking equals Decoupage!

Introducing our new OOAK Soap Range. 

 Carla has been itching over the last few months to merge her love for Scrap-booking with soap-making. She started out by looking at different ways to package soaps in the hope that we could make some Scrap-book boxes or packaging to sell soap. Having talked to her her sister (also a Scrap-booker at and her shop they agreed to try a few of Lu's cards with some custom designed soaps. And here were the results:

Don't let that fool you... Carla, whilst happy with this introduced a Christmas Range also: 

And finally... Excited about working with paper again and inspired by a South African Magazine "Ideas" she decided to start using Decoupage to make OOAK Soapy Gifts. The Results are VERY Impressive: First up, "The Mask and the Face"

 And secondly, "The Lighted Window"

 OOAK's can be custom ordered along various themes and these items are currently available at under 'shop'. The are accessible also on ETSY, FOLKSY, WOWTHANKYOU and Luulla.

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