Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Christmas Products

Most of our soaps are 'Gift Soaps'. We haven't really ventured into the world of cosmetics just yet - still lots of time for that. As a 'gift' business we should by all accounts sell most of our products in the run up to Christmas - and whilst most of our products are suitable for such an occasion we also know that customers love Christmas Scents, Traditional themes and symbolic gestures at a time of good will. Christmas is important to us. Its actually 'make or break' for us. Christmas will be the deciding factor in our first year of business in dictating whether or not we can make this little project work. Such threats have honed our creative genius for that very reason and we thought it high time to introduce the results to this little blog of ours. You will notice in the collage our innovative take on the "Soap on a Rope" theme, our Gingerbread men, our Christmas soap bar among many many others. You can take a look at more at our shop.

I'll be keen to hear what you think...

I'll be keen to know what you think...

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