Thursday, 10 January 2013

Okay, Okay,


I've been missing in action!

Truth is with the last CRAFTfest and Christmas Sales I suffered Blogger Overload.

Still, Back with a bang for the new year and what better way to continue than to bring to your wonderful attention some soaps to compliment our little old sheep.  This little best seller has been out on its own for far too long and we have been just waiting for the opportunity to find a way of adding a few friends.  We have finally suceeded!  The Cow, Pig, Goat and Horse were fairly obvious companions along with a few more exotic animals (such as the croc, the turtle and the little frog).

We have also wanted to expand our kiddies range for quite a while.  I, personally needed something to appease my all to eager desire to eat chocolates and sweets.  Rather than eat them.  I now get to bathe in them!  Now you can bath in your own soap mix of smarties, hard gums and fruit pastilles.

Next up on the kids range are some sports themed soaps - but more of that at a later date!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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