Friday, 25 January 2013

Licensed to Thrill

Love is in the air!

We are quietly toiling away in the lab at the minute with new products and ideas for the upcoming year but its at this time of year we really need to be rolling ahead with plans and start putting them into place.

Watch this space!!!!

There is loads to come with regards to our plans and how we are taking this little business of ours into its next phase.  Its all quite exciting now that we are beginning to piece everything together and we just cannot wait.

In the interim though we needed to update a few of our shops with some new items and what better way to start listing items than our new "Licensed to Thrill" range.  I'll take full responsibility for the name!  Cheese is my middle name - but with Valentines and James Bond DVD release fast approaching I figured it was a perfect title to our His & Hers Gift Set.

See what you think.

Each set contains a candle and pistol massage bar.  The Men's Set has some AK-47 bullet soaps and the female set carries the seductive soap heels and a lip-balm.  A great way to celebrate Valentines by offering a romantic candle-lit massage come the end of the evening.

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