Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Making the Lab my own!

Carla would tell you that the evidence of me taking over the lab is all around and clear to see.

The disorder, the chaos and my innate ability to be untidy and leave things everywhere.  Don't worry, all is spick and span as it should be but I have a tendency to leave the wrong things in the wrong places and if Carla does get a pain free hour or two - then it drives her nuts to go into the lab and see her ordered little world turned to a mass of pots and and pans all half filled and misplaced.

Of course, I must also insist that the same is true for me.  Carla keeps moving things so I can't find them! They are always neat and tidy - tucked away in some hiding hole that no-one could ever know about and no-one over 3 foot might ever think of looking!

Still, as I've made the lab my own I thought I might show you some of the results.

Okay, so there may be a hole in the hair net and the fashion sense may hold much to be desired - but other than that I'd say I'm pretty pleased with the end results.

The soaps by the way that were made were Lavender & Lime soaps and our Bergamot & Cedarwood soaps.