Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Teal Team No. 7

The Teal team also have a number of great items in the Home Category.

First up one the small number of men to risk signing up to the almost entirely feminine world of Craftfest...  Andy however can hold his own.  Welcome to Wax Worx

Bespoke candles for all occasions Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays and Weddings or for that someone special. Whatever the occasion why not say it with candles

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Elsie May and Bertha "I am a maker that mainly works with fabric and wool, but I also like to dabble in paper crafts and anything else crafty that catches my eye.I have a shop called Elsie May and Bertha website, which is named after my two grandmothers. I use vintage and new materials to make.things such as cushions, rose and lavender scented hearts, pillows and sachets, bags, quilts, pincushions, pictures, scarves and shawls, tea cosies, wash cloths, christmas decorations and stockings, cards, bookmarks and brooch cushions for displaying brooches."
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And Selenarte Decoupage "Welcome to my decoupage shop. The inspirational place where I make handmade, unique home decorations and gifts using decoupage technique. Acrylic paint, a good quality brush and a piece of unfinished wood or glass are my main work tools through which I transform plain objects into useful, quality, enjoyable, and lasting decorations."
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