Monday, 3 September 2012

The CraftFEST 'I love your blog' blog thing

Pass on the Craftfest lurve
This idea was passed on to me by Lu at Handmade in Keswick

This is the Craftfest 'I LOVE Your Blog' Award

I am awarding this to Tania at Cola Creations

If you have read my last post in supporting local by campaigning at your computer then you will understand why I like this blog. Tania has been a faithful servant in promoting the works of others in the run-up to Craftfest. She is the first to reply on threads an support other Lilac Lovelies and as she moves on to lead the Blue Team I'm in no doubt that the blog will fill with advice, promotion and wonderful information for Crafters out there. Of late - she has got into picmonkey

If you are sent a Craftfest 'I Love Your Blog' Award and you would like to Share The Lurve, then have a look at this.

How To Share The Craftfest Lurve
1. Paste our 'I love Your Blog' Badge to your page
2. Put a on a link to the blogger who sent it you
3. Put a link to the blogger you are awarding the Lurve to
4. List some other blogs you like
5. Inform all the bloggers you have mentioned by commenting on their blogs.
6. List 'How To Share The Craftfest Lurve'
7. Tell us something you'd like to say, or show us something you'd like to sell.

So here are some other blogs I'm in to at the moment

And The Thing I'd Like To Show You

This Winter alternative to Soap on a Rope should be available for sale shortly

Weather In ClougheySunny and pleasantly warm!