Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The update on our Trading Standards Inspection...

Under 50g must have weight 2mm high on label
50g-100g must have weight shown 3mm high on label.
Over 100g and it must be 4mm hight.

The weights can now be measured on our new and oh so wonderfully expensive scales which can do things we will actually never need nor use but it does take wonderfully acurate weights - for the extra £30 it even comes with its own wee certificate telling you what it is qualified to do.

Don't want to labour on some basic points but my own diplomas, degree and post-diplomas - printed on very nice paper I may add didn't even cost that!  Its a scandal!  That, and we are broke!

On top of the other legislation our labels are going to end up bigger than the actual soap and it does not help our packaging.  More of the up-side of that in another post.


As is usually the case, Carla, with all her perfectionist tendencies to look at unlikely situations and her need to cover every eventuality in the minutist detail - was right!

One scenario she had dreamed up was the possibility that someone from a governement department, anally retentive and possessed with a ridiculous need to stick to every legislative proceedure in the book, would walk into one of our four small local shops and see our soap.  They might even buy our soap and realise that the sizes of our lettering didn't meet EU Convention 164561548615/45877 (Made up BTW) and the ingredients listed in latin were spelt wrong!


He didn't actually buy our soap.  His wife did!!!!!

Okay, so he wasn't anal or retentive.  He was actually quite a nice man - but the principle stood firm.  What if, he'd seen the label before his wife unwrapped it???!!!  What if she also bought him one our our gifts?  Worse still, what if the label was still on it?..

Can you tell I'm tired?

The point is.  Carla was right.  I do maintain it is better to use the "suitable scale" priced at £30 quid until someone tells you otherwise but I do concede that someone telling us otherwise may well have come to us sooner rather than later.  After all, Northern Ireland is such a small place.

Night night!

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