Thursday, 1 March 2012

From a spider web...the name!

The name of our business was chosen by my husband who is very good at being awake during the middle of the night working out big ideas inside his "spider web" brain. He sees things inside his head as just that, a spider web; were he can see and access all informations at once.

That might be the reason why he is quite good getting names for things.

Our company is called ARCHEGOS which is Greek work meaning "originator/founder".  As a leader in Scripture it denotes a leader who pioneers; it infers captain style leadership and prince of peace.

The concept allowed him to create different social enterprises, pioneering different things under an umbrella organisation which co-incided with our calling.

We trade currently as "ScENT Cosmetics".

ScENT is a little word with a double meaning that works well for what we are about.
Once you take the letter "c" you have the word "SENT" so we have the whole idea of been sent from heaven to this world to make a impact and transform.  To be 'apostolic' - one's who are sent.  We are SENT to our local community, country and "ends of the world".  This concept underpins this little social enterprise and our motive in using fairly traded and organic materials with the aspiration of helping people into work and establish skills.

Once the letter "c" is added again we have the word "SCENT".
Clearly it is conected with cosmetics and aromas but it was chosen specialy because of the Bible verse which says we carry the fragrance of Christ or in Garreth's web brain "the Scent of Christ".

So there it is: We are SENT to the the world to carry the ScENT of Christ.  Join us on the journey - let's do it through dance, music, creativity, love, justice, mercy, soaps and more!


Also, as we launch this little blog we are being blessed this week with the offical opening of the Kingfisher Craft Gallery in Killyleagh which stocks some of our soaps.  Come allong on Friday 2nd March  at 3.00pm.

You can even meet us if you dare!

You are all welcome to come and visit the Gallery which also displays beutiful silver jewery, pictures and more.

Kingfisher Craft Gallery
at 43 High St. Killyleagh